Welcome Veronica!

Vernonica is an IMSD fellow of the incoming Tetrad class who is doing an early summer rotation in our lab. Excited to have you on board!

Shaeri Mukherjee
Lab retreat to Point Reyes

We had our very first lab retreat to Point Reyes. This was in celebration of Becca's graduation, Becca's PNAS paper, Nneji and Steven's succesful quals and the lab's first RO1 grant. Thanks Nneji for the organization! 

Shaeri Mukherjee
Welcome Haley!

Welcome Haley! Our first undergrad from the Summer Research Training Program (SRTP) program. Delighted to have you in the lab.

Shaeri Mukherjee
Welcome Chris!

Our newest lab member is Chris Todd who joins the lab as an SRA. He wants to work on Legionella pathogenesis while he prepares for medical school. Welcome!

Shaeri Mukherjee
Welcome Becca and Steven!

Becca and Steven are CCB graduate students in Kevan Shokat's lab. They are doing colloboration projects with us. Great to have you both in the lab!!!

Shaeri Mukherjee